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Integrity Catastrophe Services, LLC provides property and casualty loss adjustment for residential and commercial catastrophe claims. Our teams can deploy within 24 hours in response to emergency and disaster situations across the United States. We are ready to assist you with any of your insurance adjusting and claims administration needs.

Do you have a Catastrophe Plan? The key to building your catastrophe plan is thinking through each aspect of the claims process, documenting the needed solution to meet projected volume scenarios, and solidifying partnerships that will help you to execute your plan. We can help you prepare so you have peace of mind when you consider how your team will react in the worst of circumstances.

In a catastrophe nothing can beat preparation. Preparation brings control and the ability to respond compassionately to your insureds. Our commitment is to provide preparedness and accountability in the catastrophe claims handling process. We enforce accountability at every level with one measure in mind: customer satisfaction. When you ask an Integrity team member to do something, it will get done.

This is how we will help you cut claim expenses while maximizing performance by providing:
  • Systems that allow your team to transparently monitor the activity of each claim. You can review the status of any claim with detailed diaries, contacts, and reports.
  • You with front line customer service reps who help in setting insureds’ expectations regarding the loss recovery process.
  • Qualified and competent field team leaders who will oversee the daily output and quality control of adjusters.
  • Independent field adjusters who are equipped with the latest communication tools, estimating systems, and industry expertise.

For more information about Integrity Catastrophe Services, LLC, call toll free 877.437.7478 or visit

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Daily Claims Management

Insurance Adjusters across the Nation

Insurance Adjusters across the Nation

Integrity meets standards for licensing compliance and commercial insurance. We provide property and casualty loss adjustment for daily residential and commercial insurance claims.

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Catastrophe Claims Adjusting

Integrity Catastrophe Claims Management

Do you have a catastrophe game plan?

Our operations are scaled at a client specific level, making sure you get the results you need. Our teams can deploy within 24 hours in response to emergency and disaster situations across the United States.

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Start Your Career Here

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Our adjusters are the core of our business. We seek out the best in the industry and labor for their success every day. If you are interested in becoming an adjuster with us, please register on our national adjuster roster online today.

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